What really matters…

The poem published in the website of The Art Of Autism’ as part of their Peace Project, in September 2022

True writers and artists

Are they who always knew

What man needs to ask each other.

Man needs to query,

Change many things

In the lives

In and around him.

Man should know the answers

To these questions alone

The rest doesn’t matter really.

Many bear worries in their hearts

About the day’s meal

Why bother about his skin colour?

Get him a sandwich

Distressed is the man

Who lives near the sea shore

Climate change has made the day’s catch smaller

Why bother about his religion?

Buy him a coffee.

Tired is the old woman

Selling snacks by the wayside.

She cares her retarded girl

Why bother about her caste?

Buy some samosas* from her.

A woman who cries everyday

Behind her dupatta*

Her son was in the school

That had blown up.

Why bother about her mother tongue?

Tears have no language

Hug her once; be kind.

May be the world is too large

May be the people are all different

Why bother?

Nothing matters more

Than love and hope

World needs these

To be peaceful

Now and forever.

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