Return to my shade

Oh my dear!

Quiet lies beneath it

a world.

Move away not!

Spend some more time

with me

This afternoon it is sweltering hot.

Road ahead is rough

Path you traversed was tough

Wait under my canopy green

A flowing river away can be seen

A swing on the branch

for the boy will be great!

He can have fun

and get home before it is late

I will not for long

stand here

As the mall comes

in the square near

Picture prompt given by poet Dr,Santhosh Bakaya



Probably the sky will be of

       a different colour,

the air lighter, not smelling corpses

the water clear, not tasting blood

the grass green still, not burnt brown.

Food served after prayers

 If those not silenced by explosions.

Cold nights under dark clouds

       hiding stars

splashing waves clearing the boats

salty water showing the way to freedom.

Freedom in a world free of fear.

No one loses her dreams to someone’s choice

life would have a reason to live.

Heart never would beat faster than you run –

 away from the sharp axes that follow

 to chop tender wings and get away with

 the grains collected when the sun was shining bright.

Life cycle of pebbles

Heights beckon the pebbles small, glossy

Can they roll back all the way up? ever?

They had left everything behind.

Once a big rock mighty, massive

View from the mountain

Was always unclear, hazy.

Usual, the desire to see the unseen

Taste the waters of rivers flowing fast

Soon, new ceases to exist; mummified, motionless

Like an old tree, flowers sparingly bloom

Nothing excites, only memories to long for.

Mere desperation does not move mountains

Not even pebbles; small, glossy

Good earth will hide them in her bosom

As heavy feet trod down upon them, hard

Dust covers them slowly

Slowly, slowly completely.

Dark Fantasy

It means much to me to be like you, with your appetite

The way you have gravies, spicy roasts in delight

When I am upset you rush for a song, your gene I’ve inherited

 My excuses you never mind, you see that I am not defeated.

Each time; on my arm the nurse pokes a needle through

I see my pain on your face, in my relief, my trust is  you

No one as kind as you to all, but these behind me in priority

Meetings, targets you are busy, your time for me you give majority

I know you are always there for me when I cry like crazy

In the cupboard you have kept my share of ’Dark Fantasy’.

Randomly you visit the ‘Best Bakery’s in town

Otherwise, you have bought a big watermelon

Sometimes the pouch is only medicines for me

Everything you give me is the best and a ‘Dark Fantasy’

*Dark  Fantasy -a chocolate filled biscuit

** Best bakery – a popular bakery chain in Kerala

With no Purpose

The world sleeps, restless

Windows in the sky open

Angels peep down, real!

Snow over divided lands

Frost covers man made borders.

Rudolph sniffs the air,cold; chuckles

Pulls his sleigh, bells tinkle.

Silent is the night only there

where flags have no colors

crowds have no slogan.

No breaking news reported

Much ado was not there about nothing.

Lightness wells up in those hearts

where no questions mounted for no need.

Much time ran off as people realized

that they were moving as the strings.

moved them.

Thay could not change anything.

Not even themselves.

They kept playing without any purpose,

just a toy story.

Then they sat in their toy box

till the next play began.

Story of land and sea

published in an anthology of poems about sea by Soul Scribers Society and Rhyvers Press

Breathing becomes hard, water murky

Gills choked by masked impurity

Water was not so salty

Life not so difficult

Breeding was safe among the mangrove roots.

Golden shore, sea pristine, silent

Cyclones sleeping, not swirled.

People come, watch the Sun set in waters west

Mornings hazy, hyacinths bloom gloomy.

Cranes hesitate to unfold their long legs

On the floating islands of plastic bottles and bags.

Canoes lurk hungry along thin waters

Near multi-storeyed invasions.

Chinese nets and cormorants rise empty bellied

The laws of the sea creeps and then climbs

On to the guilt covered shore.

There many homes thrive with

 the abundance of lives in shells and scales,

some wriggly claws and tentacles.

Risking their selves atop the wavy moods

Of the mother of all lives.

Ships pursued luck as the waves took them afar

Ghosts of shipwrecks, albatross tales, blood thirsty sharks

Stories travelled from sea to land.

But the land rested its, in secret pages.

Wind carried some news unpleasant

Waves roared, tides rose more and more

Angry, the sea stepped on, sinking the shore

Came inside man’s door after door.

The story of land made the sea rush to crush

Turbulent tides threw the moaning lives around, helpless

The land and the sea no longer trusted each other, hopeless.


Spiny veins of discord

finds a wet wall

clings and climbs.

nerves sense each other, meet

along cracks and crevices

openings that would never joint

wide for the roots to delve in deep

spreading tight grip

winding left and right

claiming the bricks

to resonate with them.

Weather that nurtures them

in the way they should grow

wind caresses the thorny leaves

that spill blood on the buds

they turn red.

The Sun wanted to throw some light

on the shadows dark, scary

of sharp teeth, claws, pointed nails,

poisonous fangs all of untruth;

from behind thick clouds.

Time is for unseen scenes on the wall

playing the scripts of fear and mistrust.

May be sometime can let in

the rays of hope, expectations

from the tiny glittering stars

peeping out while the clouds move

to subdue the agitated minds.

Sometimes may leave the blossoms open.

Pangs of hunger and pain


Sherin Mary Zacharia

Out into the blue sky, up

Like pigeons flying together

Taking off with a loud flutter of wings

Screams rise uninterrupted

Echo in high decibels

Nothing to cheer on the daily race

No one to smile at the door just knocked

Waiting to open soon

Hunger drives all thoughts crazy

Rushing to hit the lamp post hard

Expressionless they blink day and night.

Every minute with a bone crushing pain

A frozen mind and a decayed soul cry

Dreams cease to exist in these forlorn.


Leaving it empty, devoid of hope and happiness.