Dreams are necessary

Dreams are necessary


                                                                             SHERIN MARY ZACHARIA

Paying a great deal for the resentment

To slumber, need to keep one’s eyes closed

Rolling left and right on a bed of tender feathers

Neither warm milk nor melody of flute could invite sleep.

Some texts define a ruler as a murderer

The warriors whose heads he cuts counts

Trail of an emperor’s throne is laid in red

Wailing cities are but sounding his triumph

 Conquests; the only way to acquire someone’s dream

Crush it in tight fists, trample it beneath the feet

No war ever makes a hero

Raging fires leave only thick smoke

Dreams, desires much aspirations

Turn ashes in them, never known

They lived in Kiev, Kalinga, everywhere

Dreamt the happy faces of children

Wished their gardens would bloom

Pink and yellow each year; in full.

The tanks were rough on the snowy lawns

Leaving a grieving  waste  land.
Burning wind  echoes the wails;
marching armies over  dead promises
The  emperor neither slept any night
Nor had any sweet dreams ever
The border hosted talks  once  more 
The emissary’s horse flew eastwards

The gains  futile, fails mankind when
Decisions  decide to  destroy  peace
Into his heart remorse  speared  deep
A smile  returned  on the glorious  visage

Fading the need to be served 
But to serve is the need! got inscribed
Hostile plans all recalled
Brotherhood now reinstated
A real hero is born
No one can snatch  a dream 
Yet to take on its wings and glide free
Against the rudeness  of ideas

Which are never of one’s choice or wish

Ecstatic and secret dance of the mind
When peace holds its hand amidst a festive crowd
A waning moon, of greed

Comfort of sleep
Leaves the emperor dreaming
The good  days of the world

The baby slept in the cradle
Her mother’s  arm awake,  rocking
The camp was not  of silent losers
Dreams waited to enter  her star like eyes
Flying angels, colours and  flowers
Her mother shudders  as if a missile  dazed past them
Nightmares won’t  give  way for  white doves so soon
The milky smile but assured
A dream of hope and love
For the  times spent in desperation

War is not necessary
But dreams are;
They simply float in
Need no permission
Just some space for hearts to hold  together.

published in the Yercaud poetry festival 2022 by Soul Scribers Society Salem

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