Speech by noted poet K.Satchidanandan on the release of book Moonlight.

Linish Bk  artist and authour reviews “Moonlight”

(A collection of poems and prose)
Written by Sherin Mary Zacharia

It was really a great reading experience.I was really amazed by her observations and perspectives.She has a clear vision on each and everything in the world. Her insightful writing helped me to rethink about my perspective on life. And her perspectives are highly philosophical . In her poems and prose,we could see her love and kindness towards the fellow beings,but at the same time she has seen the world through an objective perspective. And she is highly empathetic too.After reading one of her short poems , I became so sad …

” Today morning in the toilet
I saw her
Pears soap lather made me jump
She saw me
You cockroach! came her scream
Her slippers killed me.”

But the following lines( from her another poem )brought so much happiness…

“Resort to eternal truth
As nothing stays stronger than hope
For tomorrow’s better
Let dawns bring light
Let waters ripple with music.”

I would like to call her ‘a philosophical poet’.Sharing her own lines from one of her prose..

“Respect for other people’s feelings alone rolls out tears from the eyes of the compassionate. Understand that there are ups and downs in everyone’s life . Nobody is a winner or loser forever.”

Her thoughts are at a higher level than her age. I learned a lot from her book. I think I could learn more while re-reading it.After reading each poem ,I needed to sit for sometime to think and enjoy the depth of her thoughts.The depth of her thoughts is mesmerizing me. Waiting for more poems and prose from little sister Sherin.