Poem by Sherin Mary Zacharia on the picture prompt given by poet Dr.Santosh Bakaya madam


Waiting is a game endless

Watching never boils the pot

Will it? or will it not?

Result still unknown.

Eyes betray, searching unmindful

For the truth that mind wants in real

Most probably it will happen, it may; may not.

The chances are high, looking ahead.

Eyes forget atleast once to blink

Only the limitless clear blue sky above

Below the ground and all the dust

Gathered over the many years.

Like wooden dolls we stand, hearts frozen

Wearing emotions unchanging sans hope.

Do we see a dot growing big, bigger

On the horizon turning rusty, slowly.

One or two stars unable to wait for the moon

Peep out at our colours merge into fading light.

In the twilight the visitor comes nearer

A messenger from Godot

the next day again is to wait and watch.

May be an image of outdoors


Nude thoughts, firey eyes

Madness shivers down the spine

Rush to benumb her mind

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