Spreading through the soil

towards their destination

they wait for that moment.

Now is that time!

To engage in selfless toil.

Creeping in one by one

into the monumental structure

it is now their dinner!

Nobody saw them get in

No one had watched their work booming

Nobody had any idea of their plans.

Web of disease engulfing body and mind

Guardians turning fickle leaving a culture eroded.

Wrongs not undone but stay to be the new rights.

Alarms not raised nor questions asked

as the edifice transforms into an anthill.

Can the aching heart anymore expect a revival?

Termites swarm on the remains

of pillars that had long held high

the wonders of wisdom and passion

once the world’s treasure chest

now stolen by trustees of era next.


Return to my shade

Oh my dear!

Quiet lies beneath it

a world.

Move away not!

Spend some more time

with me

This afternoon it is sweltering hot.

Road ahead is rough

Path you traversed was tough

Wait under my canopy green

A flowing river away can be seen

A swing on the branch

for the boy will be great!

He can have fun

and get home before it is late

I will not for long

stand here

As the mall comes

in the square near

Picture prompt given by poet Dr,Santhosh Bakaya


Probably the sky will be of

       a different colour,

the air lighter, not smelling corpses

the water clear, not tasting blood

the grass green still, not burnt brown.

Food served after prayers

 If those not silenced by explosions.

Cold nights under dark clouds

       hiding stars

splashing waves clearing the boats

salty water showing the way to freedom.

Freedom in a world free of fear.

No one loses her dreams to someone’s choice

life would have a reason to live.

Heart never would beat faster than you run –

 away from the sharp axes that follow

 to chop tender wings and get away with

 the grains collected when the sun was shining bright.

Life cycle of pebbles

Heights beckon the pebbles small, glossy

Can they roll back all the way up? ever?

They had left everything behind.

Once a big rock mighty, massive

View from the mountain

Was always unclear, hazy.

Usual, the desire to see the unseen

Taste the waters of rivers flowing fast

Soon, new ceases to exist; mummified, motionless

Like an old tree, flowers sparingly bloom

Nothing excites, only memories to long for.

Mere desperation does not move mountains

Not even pebbles; small, glossy

Good earth will hide them in her bosom

As heavy feet trod down upon them, hard

Dust covers them slowly

Slowly, slowly completely.



Sherin Mary Zacharia

My eyes search nonstop

when the light around me goes off

when the sun goes down

but the stars fail to show up.

I walk forward with this

little lantern in my hand, glowing.

My eyes search around

again and again, but in vain.

Who was that

trying to blow off of the light

that shows the way to the feet

those had marched together to triumph

in times of nothingness and adversity?

Why was the flame

not allowed to blaze

in hope and unity

for they who longed and strived

for the prosperity of their lives?

Who is switching off the light

at the time to remember

the brave hearts who stood firm

in front of many challenges

emerging within and without ?

When did the fire die down

leaving the moon

covered in darknessof the clouds

filled withhopelessness, trustlessness

and lovelessness?


published in the facebook group PoetsIN for #anxiety #PINinspiration

Mean gazes

from cold hearts await

my every action

I run inwards turning around

I no longer trust

my hands and feet

I will fail, lose again

My mind will wander off.

I cannot bear this

Like ants crawling in a line

one after another

miseries countless

follow my thoughts

Let me

write those down

into a beautiful poem

My heart reasons with itself

through my verses

Must see the other side of this world

where only happiness exists

in manifold

Page after page I browse

heavy books from the shelf

I find minds spinning, rolling

then falling

only to stand up

to run forward