The beholder

Above the curves winding up

Where the large trees stop growing

The golden yellow leaves leftunruffled by the wind.

Mist descends while tea is boiling.

Fried, roasted; smells the air

Tangy sauce on olives from oven.

Songs, noise unlimited.

He watched it all

With eyes never met by other eyes.

Nobody saw him ever.

Amidst the dance and music

Men and women did not hearNight’s faint cry for life.

The mud was patted back to sleep

He saw it with his green eyes

And hid in his grey coat

Wearing a mask of silence.

Nobody saw him ever.

Woods, river, fragrant white flowers

The ghats snoredwith the streams, their stories

Washed, the wrong of the knife drowned

Now corrected.

Memories may live or not.

Up like a rod, agreeing,

A grey fur tail moved away.

Mist thickened; wild murmurs not lost

Embers tried to sleep

Smoking, the night waited for the dawn.

A quick dash; into the darknessOf the undergrowth.

Morning wore golden dew drops

On the blades of grass

That hides the night’s secrets

And marks made by muddy paws.

A jeep rumbling uphill

A red light on top

Warming the lazy courtyard

He closed his eyes tight.

He had seen nothing

Nobody saw him ever.

Quiet remain the mountains

Dead, the valleys below

More or less the world is the same.

Stains, marks on the grass

Licked up, erased and dried.

The mystic cat was gone

Leaving short harsh purr,

Covering unfound answers

The buried recent, as always.

inspired by…/indias-mysterious…/

Mindful Mind


A weary longing

For your hands to lift me up.

My weak joints drag me.

Will you remember me in your prayers

                                         before dinner?

My imaginations they call hallucinations

Can you be my voice and allow once

To hydrate my scorched tongue?

When each bud blooms

Honey bees dance, mango smell looms.

When each human smiles

The whole world lights up.

With all doors open

Butterflies glide in, fill every space with


A bowl of hot porridge and a pinch of salt

To keep my heart warm, an unknown.

I did not go live nor was my name among


But you know I exist, obscured

Somewhere in the thick dark shadows of


A stranger on my own turf

Will you pass me a glance mindful?                                  

How much is too much?

Mountains made to give way

For speeding cars and magnetic railway

Need a tunnel and the parking bay

They have better life standards and pay.

Tall buildings, other manmade wonders

Climate changes; many species’ murder!

Rivers were stopped by force

with dams; diverted from their course

Water trickled along like a lame horse

Into towns, their taps leaking or worse.

Better services everyday

A world of comfort they say!

Hills which once had sheltered villages

Now beheaded to aid smooth passage

Of aircrafts that land with men and baggage

Needs; not luxuries of modern age.

How much is too much

That erases world’s diversity as such?

Over the green fields that once were

Moved a shopping mall there

Exclusive stores, multiplexes and more

Food courts and wide game areas to score.

Development, more jobs

Nature’s unheard sobs!

Onto the shore the waves crash

With all their might and wipe off trash.

Corals and fish choke and perish

Glaciers melt, life’s mysteries vanish.

Disasters on earth, new viruses challenge

The wait is over,  nature unleashes its revenge!

The Survival guide

The Survival Guide

Nest had kept them safe

Until the storm raged.

The dry leaves no longer dry

Rain had found its way through.

The tender wings now heavy

Wind echoes the frightening sounds

Clouds seem to flock the sky

Grazing the entire night.

Wait is all that remains

Believe, a warm Sun will rise soon.

No matter how bright the day shines

The dark clouds condense and

Then shower their power.

Outlive! Outlive each time

To survive!


Curd waits in the blender

Its life is over.

A ceremonious end

Still cold.

Skinned shallots weep

Curry leaves sail directionless

Green chillies brave the pain silently,

Ginger is but shattered.

Salt reminds the sore fate

And the purpose of life too.

To transform self into selflessness

Leave a life lived in comfort

Whisked to be the cool buttermilk

And vanquish the hot mid noon of March

When thirst will no longer feel mighty

dominating the throat.

More like a mirage somewhere

Now the curd is no longer there.

The tanginess and melting butter remain

Tastebuds remember the curd

Gone, reborn in a cup of freshness.

Think of me

One beautiful moment does wonders

A single act of love moves worlds

Think of me , when i feel lonely

Your mind can add space for me.

Come and sing with me, for me

But never think it as a waste

I can give you sweet memories

And a heart much proud of me.

Locked Law

Order! Order!

The court hall couldn’t be calmed

The gavel sinks in the clamour; unheard.

Morphed observations chime in

New findings erupt with din.


Themis removes the black ribbon

She detests the sight!

Weighing scales in her hands tilt

She drops it!

Fairness and wealth stay unbalanced.


Her swift sword is rusted

By the unjust practices to it subjected.

She breaks it into two.

Walking out, she pushes aside-

the procurators in black, gives a look snide.


The Lady Justice ascends steep steps

To the tower overlooking the land

She detests the sight!

Pigeons flutter their wings into news

Blinding all sights witnessed.


Every reason is a story

Of cheat, deceit or treason gory.

What is the speed of law? of justice?

Their line remains long, to the jury

No privilege, no power, to fend their fury.


Waiting in pain for needful gain

Time crawls for those with no penny

Lady Justice watches in agony.

She detests the sight!

Law builds justice, and proves worthy.


Now she rises, it is The Judgement Day.

The verdict so ruthless she will say.

Rest not; in worn books as acts and sections

Dusty files bury not; the truth for odd reasons

Hear the cry of the common man.


As they writhe under heavy feet

Laws guard man in a world off beat.

Manoeuvre the mud like a tough machine

Bring the sunken people to pure sunshine.

Cleanse and breathe new life into them.


Theirs too

Water was surrounded
Women there nonstop chattered
Most have brought many pots
In the sky the Sun was blazing hot.

The thin, smart dog lay under a tall tree
Waiting for amma to get water in pots three
Did he hear a purr?
He turned to find spotted yellow fur.

“My friend, get me some water
My throat is parched; will pay with  a bone later.”
“Come with me I have a plan
Must get there not seen by man.”

“In the house there is a washroom
A bucket full of water and near a mango tree in bloom.”
As the leopard drank hurriedly
The door shut behind them loudly!

“Oh no! I am trapped”
cried the big cat aloud!
Amma must have seen you
Panicked, she might have called others too.

“Today I will be the word for channel discussion
I hope forest lovers will seek my protection”
Hours passed, they talked of violated agreements
Of climate change, dried rivers and disappearing forests.

“Someone was hurrying on the roof
Now is your chance, escape leaving no proof.”
This world is theirs too
Them with tails, horns ,tusks and wings two.