Behind every wall you will find a scene

Of hardwork,sweat and blemished fingers

Trying to keep some dreams alive, ablaze

Snapshots of happiness, anger, excitement and pain

Hang themselves onto the wall

In vivid coloured frames, mirroring

Those days when everyone had lived

like everyone else.

Walls had heard numerous stories

Of success, deceit, worries about lost chances

Morning sunshine illustrating these

Walls kept many secrets, painted in dust

Plastered dreams bursted out through cracks

Memories as patches, green

New coloured spots carved in by time

Lines then new chapters

Etched with moss in faded grey crevices.

Every wall is an epic

Written over generations; unaware

Of the stories each brick longed to tell

Until they lay broken, crushed

Making room for a new wall

A wall for a new room to make new stories.

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