Voices of the wild

Trees around the water holes

Wild winds blow free

Carrying a roar, sometimes

a trumpet to the mountains.

Flutter of wings race with the

unruly grunts from among the green grass.

Bamboo groves lost

In creating a symphony

Pairs of colours dancing in rhythm

Butterflies in sunshine.

Cicadas never silent, the dampness

of the rain forest itch their throat.

Water falls in deafening decibels

Million droplets blanket the space.

Dear calls and a langur replies

from a tree top; a striped prowl is on

Doe eyes twitch, leap dart and the

herd flies over the meadow.

The voices of the forest turn into a music

Inviting the valley below.

They come, clear their way

Dry every dampness, machines growl

Rivers shrink in fear

New voices shiver the valley

Earth trembles, towers rise to sky

Voices reply from the mountain

Flooding rivers gush, slopes slide in mud

Crashing hills bid goodbye to the valley

Its voice is now a cry.

This poem was published in Brahmand environmental e-magazine in July 2022

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