We Indians

Born in the richest of cultures

Owe our learning to the world ‘s

Enchanted treasures we hold

Our stories and songs, mountains, rivers

We Indians

Search, find the doors that face

The blue sky of peace

Safeguard it and let the Sun of wisdom

Seep bright through it on the world

We Indians

Move ahead, work hard, celebrate

Meditate on the great dreams to realize

We hurry to rise, even if we fall

We may stumble, yet progress with fortitude

We Indians

Many lives sacrificed for the nation

Motherland our soul, our breath

We need each other, hold our hearts together

Our diversity is our unity!

We Indians

Have much to provide the world

Great teachers, strong ideals

That lead the millions in all times

Women emerge, the power of the house

India is built strong

With the common man’s love

For his land dear

His toil, his wishes

For the soil his forefathers served

He struggles to make it a paradise

For generations now and next,

India is every heart beat of-

We Indians

Alert and thriving

We Proud Indians

March the path forward.


Sherin Mary Zacharia

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