My eyes meet the unusual

That have no labels

To reveal their identity.

Away in a new land

Where leaves hide beneath roots

Nourished by thin air

I see birds and their nests

Dare stand up against the Sun.

Floods with blood of the unfortunate

Rises as waves that

Beat the callous rocks

Of the sea; withering.

Nowhere have you listened

To such stories that drive

Deep into the soul.

Never told, never written

Only lived

To the last breath.

But they were there! Alive!


Singing every night from the

Sleeping houses

Moving near the window.

Over the clouds it floats

Towards the cold moon

Never the same

Above the manmade miracles

Patiently listens

Promises not to forget

Much of itself slowly vanishes.

Light will cut through the peaks

Wake up another unusual day.

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