Christmas Gifts

Come fast, blessed but foggy days of joy

Open my letter quick! Mrs. Claus, as you pack the toys.

My hands were sanitized, pen and paper too

From my heart, I have sent you a request true.

For me dear a copy of ‘The Book Of Good Deeds’

That is what the world presently needs.

With it let me try to light up our world

Here poverty, disease aplenty; wickedness manifold.

Gift me mother Christmas ‘The List Of Kind Words’

To ease the people in pain from terror’s sharp swords.

Race, religion, culture and gender churns

lives; and climate change awaits its turn.

Read my note you must dear, in you I trust

Keep those in Santa’s red bag, ready to burst

And to the sleigh winding down the heaven

Bells tinkling, with reindeers Rudolph and seven.

Our world will be henceforth bright

Men and women will smile, spread light

Save our earth I will try; from a gruesome fate

As the Christmas carols fill the night late.

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