Tomi- is this a kind of name you give your pet?

Short for ‘Thoughts On My Identity’; read; fun you will get.

My name is Sherin

Sweeter than a honey muffin

Use it often to tell the world I am there

Yell it out and I stand before you “I am here”.

My thoughts are true and original

I meet my reflection but often feel dismal.

A girl with real poetry buried in her self

For long I think much of myself.

When my momma sees this, she grows tense

And tells me tales to rid my sorrow dense.

Once she read me about Menorah, the frog

who looked for hours at her image in the bog.

Written by rain, Menorah read each line

The droplets read ‘true frog’ and let the Sun shine.

My search is for the me in me

Unnerved all pray on their knees.

World’s every word has a name

My name soon became a game.

When my search for me goes on

All call out “Menorah! hop on!”

Give my poems brightness, Oh light of wisdom!

The seven lamps, fill me with resilience and brilliance some.

When my name, my identity

I write below pieces of my creativity

Will only that matter

Not my anguish, my dreams that I splatter?

With my heart and my soul, I scribble

My name below, which is more visible?

How are the constellations bright?

Their names are owned by the night.

My verses speak my voice

The birds in my heart; with chirping noise

Repeat my name “Sherin,

The sweetness in you be the same therein.”


In Hebrew Menorah means lamp. The menorah symbolized the ideal of universal enlightenment

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