Turning over a new page

Outside ,the fountain of sunlight

Sprays golden circles on the rooftops

The trees hide me in my nest

From the powerful eyes reaching into my soul.


Yet I seek to venture out

In search of all my dreams.

Finding  no shade , water or effective  fan

I  fall on the earth, an oven baking.


I try to escape the boiling world but;

I am blinded by hopelessness.

Up the mountains there are springs

Silence  but for the rumble of  a river.


Dawn  to dusk I think ,my mind

Brims up with dreams endless

Give me wings to travel far

Winds I  will brave , very strong.


The  firey sun rages , drifting clouds

Rush to deter  my flight, midway

Higher than the dawn rising above

With very brilliant shades, flies  me.



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