A definition of man

Man is not a word
Dictionary knows not beyond the meaning
Neither does Google .                                                                                                        Sweat and rough wind makes him difficult                                                                   Yet when time tries , he changes                                                                                     Finds settled in  self consciousness.


Heart rings  up you to tell about                                                                                  Those who want your love ,your emotions  deep.                                                 Heart urges  you to spend , lose for others.                                                               Does your feet feel heavy, drag you  back                                                                       To think  from the world  ever helpless                                                                             A world clinging to you in hope.


Regain your senses ,the common ones                                                                     Watch your step as you climb  up                                                                                  Head gives the running  script you need                                                                        To emerge successful ,return as a winner.                                                              What  will you gain? how much is the profit?                                                               No time to spare ;always busy.


Sure  everyone is in, if your  profile is big                                                                   Only ego makes you want more                                                                                      Sure  some will wish you good ,always for                                                                  You gave them room in your thoughts.                                                                       Man ! when you live find what  the heart wants                                                          Tell your head to do what the heart wants so that you find peace.

4 Replies to “A definition of man”

  1. Sherin, totally love the way you think. It helps me think too. Thank you! Indeed we have to tell our head to follow the heart 💙💙👌👌

  2. An intensely thought provoking poem. I enjoyed reading it . But the message scares me because of my own inability to live up to it.
    congratulations and lots of love

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