Green mostly will not stay!

Dried leaves in the wind

Reaching places far away,

Long way from the tree.

“Are we never to go back?

And never be on the branches?

Green! shining in the sunlight!

Man has gorged away plants

Trees, the rooted pillars of life.

When will new leaves sprout?

And shoots emerge from soil?

When will buds come out as flowers

And fruits hang in bunches?


Written on the earth’s face is

The death sentenceĀ  of all things alive.

May be the rivers will dry up.

Mighty oceans will flow in.

Mountains will crumble when strong winds

Try to blow them away.

Forests have caught fire

who can put off man’s greed?

The dark night beckons

Sounds unheard in the light

shadows fear to whisper

As they find nowhere to hide.


Find a home for the furry cub

A water hole for the deer and foal

The song bird needs a branch to perch

Butterfly looks for grass to hide

Earth gives life to all.

Different lives live for all lives.



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  1. The Mistry of God is revealed through nature, only few understands and that one is the amazing Sherin!

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