truth is roaring

roar of truth  will give waves of horror in the hearts of wrong doers. roaring lions can be tamed but not a heart that is boiling with guilt.we think that both  ma n  and god have no hint about our thoughts. good  habits and thoughts help us  to earn good character.

ugly sense of pride makes   the person go towards wrong. nothing  else can stop you from  going to the arms of wrong  but  your heart filled with  purity.  you should  ensure  that only  truth directs you. people   enjoy when rumors  spread about others esppecially the ones who are  in power   and  glamour.  it  is not good to make       others  feel miserable in front of others.

always speak                    sure            truth. the very     world  will hate liars. satyameva jayathe

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  1. Wonderful thought Sherin… I am happy to see you analysing situations and people which speaks for your observation! Kudos to u dear! .. Just to add … A guilty heart can be tamed. It just needs to to feel and utter a word of apology and things will follow suit eventually, magically!

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