abnormal rituals of modern society

Eagerness to overtake others is going  to unprecedented levels in young  people. only people who reach the top are known as winners.  all  of us are winners. families try atrocious ways to         make very young students    learn everything repeating long lessons without finding out its meaning .ugly competition digs channels of intolerance in young minds. everyone  tries  to reach the top .sometimes  kicking fellow beings out of the way.

unity helps everyone.  do good young people for world  arises into your regime.sow the seeds of harmony to reap the harvest of unity. try to enable  those who could not make it.those who have not  won the glowing titles   are but  waiting for a  second chance.  rest of the world may mock  but go ahead with determination to do the  best.

3 Replies to “abnormal rituals of modern society”

  1. Thought provoking lines. Why our youngdters don’t understand. Sherin you are a true inspiration. At such a young age you have great thoughts. You r a genius.

  2. Wow Sherin… good to be back in your blog page… rather website now and ‘m so happy and loving it!

    I remember reading the above a few days back(from my mobile) and commenting right therein but guess it failed to get uploaded!

    ‘The rituals’ you said it … rather you nailed it dear… what a word! Agree with the whole content…. not just the younger generation but the ones before them too should start thinking … and start acting! Loved your sentence, ‘sow the seeds of harmony to reap the harvest of unity’.

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