just a way to begin teaching autistic children

every      where the discussion is about trying to solve the puzzle  called autism. a   differently abled child needs to be treated  with love and respect. every  individual has            a valuable thing called dignity.people just a want us to do what they feel  is right. but we have our  ways of doing  things. never think that we will  not understand some of the thing s they impose on us. the true teacher  tries to find what establishes creativity in the student.without which       there     will be no imagination.the quality of thoughts is      found from this.we want    to express our minds.time will erode the abilities of a person if you do not boost them. you will find it       wonderful  to watch people express their thoughts and feelings  rather than just  rewriting other person’s   ideas. empower the person with means to open their hearts.let your love give us  purpose. it will just turn us into  hope for the future .

simply set our minds to explore  roam deep inwards. wewill bring treasures

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  1. Thank you sherin for wring about this. I hope the teachers will now understand the puzzle called autism better.
    Autism is not mental retardation. Those people who think it is, they are the ones who are retarded.
    When someone teaches a child the same thing sgain and again just because they do not reply to their questions,then they are not going forward with their teaching. So actually they are making much advanced autistic kids retarded.one needs to understand their creativity n talents to help them learn.

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