The strength within


Rays of strength start from me, spread boundless, wide

Safe in me lies my soul, very safe from any rule and guide

Set me free from your  scales to assess my losses but

Count nothing, only what I have, all my  grit and gut .


Everything I put against my true self breaks me countless

I whine and scream, you call it your misfortune endless.

A sea  is trying  to reach  you with its corals and pearls

It is not just an unruly wave that splashes on rocks and snarls


Where do I find a judge who will hear me plead

Without giving a judgement on what I need  .

My voice you may not hear but I have lots to share

My heart blossoms into flowers for the ones who care  .


To pure love I respond ,my eye peeks into minds

In there  just too many hurdles one finds

Trust me I  can do  much better, know the job right

Everyday the   me  you see has me  to  fight.


How much  should I deter from my  weirdness

I need  you to love  me  despite my  madness

All  I can give you  is eternal space in  my soul

A sure gift for a  life given  for me whole.


But to me doing what gives new dimensions

To my thoughts and their revisions

Fulfills  in my life  my wish  to be a creator

Of thoughts  effective for  a world tired of all predator  .

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