To the  pet  cat she  is an  angel ,at  times

Nothing  but a real itching bug  in  my t-shirt

When the  chocolates   are shared   she forgets

The division chapter she had done in school

Still i love her!

Sitting   across the   table

In lovely gardens ,we taste desserts

Really  her portion looks bigger

With  more chocolate chips  on top of it

Still  i  love  her!

Oreo  happens  to be  of her kind

Goodness  hidden in layers  tasty

Today she might  make a pretty    face

And  proclaim ” milk    shake   ready”

Yes! I  want  that!

Rich in flavour ,chocolate cream

Can you  see ? froth and  crumbs

With each sip my tongue feels  cold

But the   warmth  covers my heart

Oh!tasty Oreo shake!

Resisting the desire to finish off

She shares the spoon for a quick lick

This  little sister of mine is a gem.

Happy are we when a snack  is shared

To smile  and shake !







































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