In search of a river

This poem was published in the anthology  “FloatPoetry ” on the theme

Re-verse  the Rivers


The mountain tried to reach the cloud

Stop her and ask something with a quiver in voice

The cloud fled as the rocks below began to crumble.


“Water started her turbulent journey here, from up here

From my head, with mist gliding in breeze, is my hair

Dying now I am, where are you my child?  Cloud do you see                                                            her?

Tell me great valley, was she down there with you

Watering the fields that fill the plates as would Ganga do.


Over the murky waves the dolphins leap, gasping.

Unaffected by elements the sages keep chanting.

The Ganga washes their feet, then bids good bye to souls.

Are you there my child, to be in the journey eternal?”


A flute churns curd into love as the mother regrets

Restraining her soul’s cream as he sets out as life’s stream

And there he plunges into the beautiful Yamuna.

Cows tinkling their bells, birds singing sweet

Girls dancing, boys laughing loud with joy.

“Dear I know this is a festival which you do not want to return from”


“Right in front of the Taj do not thin down

Can a river keep everything else and let love drown?

Water why do you take things dirty, to clean the heartless?

Look how ugly a fine silver stuff has become!


Gone are the days when a beauty like you

The Indus, defined civilization and gave birth to a culture great.

Favourite to you dear , were the dancing dolls which you had hidden.

Many boats sailed with you with men of emperors great.



Bound by many dams she is helpless

She chokes as villages vanish for towns.

Did you remember Narmada as calmness blankets mountains

Mutely watching flood and famines.


Meeting with Sabarmathi you should dear believe

Such a human lived as much with flesh and blood.


Have you wound down south ,trailing the scent of jasmine?

Kaveri is a mother whose tears flow into fields of feud.


On the spread of sere sand art dances in stunning colors

Poetry thrives and merits still sprout along Nila.



Men across the land listened

Sankara teaching Advaitha.

Like the uncanny alligator  that held him back

Waters of Periyar is a captive by the thirsty city.

River so strong so beautiful ,singing with the oars that splash

Retarded she flows amidst water front high rises.


Deluge was as never before as Pamba rushed

From the Sahya to the sea, she was roaring.


Man was seeking worldly gains grinding rivers under his feet.

Come back oh dear, my river ,where  are you?

Have you gone deep into the earth to be with Saraswathi?”

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