The mist of myself


The Mist of Myself


From far away  if you look

Seldom   will you spot

The towering peaks rising

In the mist of myself.


Emerging silent but determined

To tell the world , aloud

Of me ,my  wishes ,masked

By the mist of myself.


Valleys teem with colours

Of  butterflies and flowers

When the radiant sun shines

Upon the mist of myself.


Dark clouds  drift in at times,

To hide the eternal glow

That tries to draw its glory

On the mist of myself.


Down lies only darkness

Above there are stones sharp

You say ,without going deep

Into the mist of myself.



The blanket of loneliness

Thrown to me by the  world

Would never warm my soul

When  covers me the mist of myself.



I hope to reach  my goal!

Understand   and  guide me!

With  the light of love , when

I trudge along, in the mist of myself .


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