Only time will want to wait

Why are we worried about our future , our tomorrow?  We fear the unknown and the uncertain. Today is most important. Rest of the days  are determined by our thoughts and actions today. Yet we bother  not  about the present but about the future ; setting in only when today  ends.

Can we make time move faster? Or slow down the earth in its orbit? Only time will unveil the hidden joys and sorrows of mankind.

Why hurry to  fill our platter with the best delicacies? We   can eat only what our stomach can digest.

Every minute is to know every thing around us. This moment is unfolding  only for now. We try  to preserve  it,thinking to enjoy it forever. Else   we  waste the  moment  thinking of moments that are in the fists of time.

Bestow  your mind with thoughts of love and care. Share your resources with people who want them. We need to share not only food and clothes but  also our time. We should listen to what feelings others have.

Join those  who are struggling  ,surviving against harsh tidings of life. Tomorrow appears  to throw little bright light on them who are alone in today’s darkness.    We forget  that our entire  world  is defined by time  as  we  record past which cannot be erased and imagine future that is still has not dawned.

Every little effort by  every life is worth  admiring.  Doing  things for others is also important. We must not wait for returns.

Time will prove the worth of our actions.


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