Wandering Thoughts




Whales are not scared of waves

But only of men who might kill

Whales must never forget to swim

Water may be hot or cold or dark.

Water cannot hide the men or their ships

When whales want to show their might.



Rest is healing for mind

To find rest , I stop

To think about me and the world around me.

Yet i find many thoughts trying to come in.

Will they turn into lines and flow away

As a poem , if I sleep.



Let Me Come In

Gone under  bed of flowers

only to endear the fragrance

then i was turned into a butterfly.

the  wings were gorgeous.

Very  deep   under the sea ,very dazzling

Bright hues of life under  water;

nothing  but turning into a  pearl i would

in an oyster ,warm and cozy.

eternity is wrapped in the skies

where  stars give timeless  insights

on things big and small , as i float

as a cloud weightless with  thoughts.

great is the theater called  world

the shows never stop.

where is my part in the story?

finding my role in no act!

the mirror waits for me

return  my  face paints

i  find no dialogues

there ! missed my expressions real.

did  the script   tear away?

did the  pages fly away ?

leaving me   undefined.

my place is among buds, seashells and clouds.

do i belong here?

is this my world?

then let me come in

to be with you in your  thoughts.



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