Flowers of my heart and other poems




Yesterdays are over
Overcame my tears
Teardrops  down in my  wishes
Wished to soar, my dream
Dreamland  so  very  far
Farthest is  but despair.



Dawn of hope


Real  warrior tries to fight

Wars  ,with  perseverance, for the goals

That his  heart did not set

Reins of control not in his hands

Terms of allegiance not in his words.

We really are puppets

In the hands of our present ; history tomorrow,

Yet  we struggle

Joining pieces of   broken  dreams

Glued   together as a wish  unfulfilled.

Wandering winds  know not

Where they go, yet they set off the sails

Of ships that  seek victory

Tides fear the wind

The wind  knows not itself.

Why do we pursue goals unknown

Still we hope that what we do

is for our beloved ones

By travelling roads unfamiliar

Only to find no one waiting there.

Resort  to eternal truth

As  nothing stays stronger than hope

For tomorrows better

Let dawns bring light

Let waters ripple with music.


Flowers of my heart

Why my heart feels heavy?

Why my feet forget  to walk?

Where are the roses?

Where is the music?

Why am I lost in thoughts  that I fear most.


Words remain imprisoned;

Out of my heart comes my tears.

My silence tries to tell

All the stories I know

Sing many sweet songs for you.


Yet  I long for light

To shine on my face

To make me see the beauty

Of love in the hearts

Of people for whom I have a place.


Are the dark  shadows gone?

No  more scary thoughts!

With all the glory

And all the colors

My heart blooms into fragrant  flowers.

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