My smallest thoughts



Run till you rear

Wings with feather

Dashing speed to sound the echo as they flutter

In the sky so clear

From dust down here.

Image may contain: bird

image courtesy pet ducks of Dr.T.V.Anilkumar


Worries make you feel confused.

Between devil and deep sea your thoughts dispersed

No solution anywhere to be found.

Look into your heart for the answers you searched.

Be happy now it is time to be relaxed.



Watching only videos
I travel to distant corners of the world
With civilizations lost
Species extinct
Flowers deep in forests.

I travel on sail boats
And join emperors in battle.
Climate change
Our nation’s political stage
All I see on my computer screen.


As quiet as night

With a pair of green eyes bright

Cuddles on my lap my cat.



When  pathways end

The journey has to continue

By wings of the mind.

One Reply to “My smallest thoughts”

  1. Your mind is traveling beyond the universe. May be you are seeing the face of God which hidden to other. Only those see the God, can appreciate the beauty of nature and its inhabitants.
    May God Bless you.

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