Song of a lost sea bird

Twilight hours, the people return

Come to your enclosure, my carer calls

Today rushed away quick, tourists plenty

Human beings and their noises!


Enters dewy sunshine, turning warm

My feathers white and red.

Every morning ,weeds I eat,

When pool set, I wade merrily.


Rowing in the pool , trying to chase me

They have fun, throw cookies at me.

Time hurries ,I reject worries

But when night falls, memories begin to shine.

We were together and happy and free

Flying over snow,pine trees and huge mountains

We left our trails on the plains and fields

Over the green trees  on  to the sea shore .


Rusting right amidst the waves stood

Housed light alone ,to frighten  the dark sea.

We found a home  there , made it heaven

I sat on the eggs while he went for prey.


When I found human visitors in our house

I felt our dream vanishing before  it forms

Devastated nest, broken shells  , send thoughts

Painful , to my new abode   in the water park.


Reversing thoughts can be  done ,but deeds ; not!

Why my tears to make  you  enjoy a date  on  water?

A family  I had , my land  distant ,abundant freedom

Every dream  does turn into vapour as life boils.




image courtesy Dr.T.V.Anilkumar, Thiruvananthapuram



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