enemy within

Everybody  prefers food that is tasty and healthy. but  not all people get it.food should not be   wasted. reduce the   amount of food we serve into the plate .the leftover food gets spoiled. everyone loves to have their stomach full of good food. if you need more you  can take later.how can  we waste food when millions are starving. history  tells us about famines caused by sun and drought.sides need    to    be taken when discussing about what causes  shortage of food . in several places. some  people have surplus  food. every body  can find some   solution for making use of      the extra food they have. kind people share food. ultimately there is a limit     to what one can eat.

just  your concern  for the people who have no food will  prevent you from wasting food. do not serve too much food for children to make them fat. we shall  waste it when many children are dying ;of hunger in poor  nations.

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  1. Real needs of human being are limited like food. Amount of food wasted in developed countries is a serious crime. We can also take our small steps like you said.

    1. people should not rush at food cccounters duribng parties to fillthe plate with different food.we may not eat the whole thing. thank you for your encouragement

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