When a disabled child is born people wonder why such a child is born . The reason that God wants each one of our people to love others with all their shortcomings.

Usually people like only those who are famous or rich. They do not bother  about disabled people who wish to lead a life with dignity.

When people see a person who is different from them they start asking hurting questions. People should stop looking at the differences and try to support these people.

Bad people make hurting remarks about disabled people. People should  understand the skills of disabled people and encourage them. We should try to overcome the stigma attached  with disabilities.

Our duty is only to love each other.



This  article was written by Sherin Mary Zacharia in 2014 October , before she started  blogging


  1. Yes indeed…. “our duty is only to love each other”!

    I just remembered Tagore’s lines …”what matters if some men are good and some are not, they are all travelers of the same road”.

    Our ability lies in understanding and accepting their disability to understand…isn’t it so dear?

  2. Sherin mol,
    I am your dads friend and we met 3-4 years back. Love you mol. You are really awesome. Keep up the good work.
    India is a very complex country and provide very less support for special needs kids. Our roads, buildings and infrastructures are not planned properly for people with disability to have an independent living as much as possible. In developed countries these issues are little less and special needs people are provided better support and laws protect them and enable them to have a high quality life.
    Do not worry about what people say or do and it is because of their ignorance. We all should stay focused and as you said look at the positive side, appreciate and encourage people with disability and empower them to have a quality life.
    Keep up your awesome writing and we will all try to change the people around us every day by educating them.

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