Games that have no rules

Quite like  holding special authority some people demand special opportunities to fulfill their duties. this is done  mostly by  educated healthy well off people.they could have sweated with others standing       in the long queue.everyone just wants to finish fast.

Gone are the days when man made rules  to make people equal. doing something that will       withhold            the serving of opportunity for  others is          injustice. it cannot    remain  trying  to block the way of others we prevent them from reaching  their goal.cut the ropes tying selfishness to other people’s  chances .

unite to resolve that thoughts that  give space to needs of others should be the norm of the time. give inspiration to youngsters to be in control of their policy towards the pace  of life. most  road accidents nowadays happen while overtaking. remember the story of the hare and the tortoise. we will get what is due to us.  there  is a speed for all things on earth. altering this will lead to absolute unrest.

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  1. Well said Sherin! This made me recollect an incident that happened at Village office during my visit there last Feb! Loving your observations and the way you express them… picking the words and framing them beautifully… “cut the ropes tying selfishness to other people’s chances”…”unite to resolve that ‘thoughts that give space to needs of others’ should be the norm of the time” …. “there is a speed for all things on earth”. I see the difference in your writing. I feel like seeing you grow right in front of my eyes. .. and feel really happy! hats off to you my dear and hats off to your mom too!

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