Water and future

Water was becoming a precious resource in the village.

Wells had dried up. River was a watery  line.

Most of the cows were sold off and the rest were dead with the land turning barren, devoid of anything green.

“Our fields got no water for most part of the year . we have only but rocks at the bottom of our wells, to moan about.

How do we live if the crops fail?

Mother nature is so harsh on us!!”

She could no longer remain silent.


“None of you seem to remember how harsh you were to mother nature. None of you seem to bother about indiscriminate digging of tube wells or mining sand from the river bed or building water front apartments on the river bank.”

She was quivering with anger and sadness.

“ don’t make a scene. Our leaders have made  arrangements

Though we will have to fund the water bought from next state.”

She was not looking for a knight. She was looking for a sword.

She  shouted out loud. “  Really ! but how  long  this can go on..

Save water ! save  earth!”

Her voice faded away in the sound  of  the band played to welcome the water train.

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