Hanna and Montana now swim

Small, red but with silver rim

Made to keep minds without storm

Glass jar with a green is their new home.

Water in my pond ripples with their tails

No cat wants catching the guppies fail

You are free and see the birds up in the sky

A floating world, though you never will fly.

No water ever remains the same

Fish came fish went always tame

Swimming with many merry bubbles

Ornaments for evenings to forget troubles.

Much in holy texts about fish

They now have a desperate wish

Enough of the microplastics in their gills

Man and animal sure it will kill.

Fish not in the sky, not watching what goes below

Not on earth fighting for those many honours hollow

Make its eyes see only the secret swim of the jellyfish

Let its ears echo gentle waves that hit the shore and splash.

Photographs Sanju Mathew Joseph Dhanush Jacob Joshua Shreya Susan Zacharia

May be an image of indoor

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