Mirror knows more than what you think

It has seen the inside of your heart

Cloudy, dark often grey,

Watched your cheeks grow red

Known your eyes fill

Listened to your hushed sobs

Counted your lips quiver ,

The mirror knows it all

The mirror knows it well, perfectly.

Mirror sure will return your smile

Share the dreams that float in your eyes

Nod for the secrets that make you overjoyed,

Needs no moon of the heavens

To illuminate the mirror,

Mirror just wants you to tell such stories

That leave your eyes glistening,

Mirror listens , silent

Knows it is a lie.

But mirror smiles assuring you its faithful company,

You trust the mirror

Love the mirror,

You hate the mirror

Hit the mirror.

Mirror is you who knows you

Mirror is the pretty you, ugly you

Mirror is the smart you, broken you,

Mirror but never keeps anything in its heart,

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