Earth – a memory


The calf runs happily

Water dries suddenly

Slow runs the cow as it sees her disappointed calf.

Did the river come to her calf?

Did the fountains spray on the calf?

No, it is only the burning land crying of thirst.

All goats, horses, deer and birds;

Trees they sit and sing;

Drowning in the tears, helplessly.

Earth will be a memory in green and blue.


Man building dwelling places

Gliding in space, with antennae.

“A time was there when man lived on earth.”

Said granny floating by;

In her space suit very shiny.

“Neither you  nor me were lucky;

To live on earth our  home for   ages.

Just the glass slides and jars;

We had never known

The warmth or safety of a mother’s womb.


Every rose must wither

Every tree must fall

But to give their lives

To   new lives  on  earth.

Utter greatness   of rising sun

Jewels the   dewdrops form

Dancing   peacocks and roses   red

Waves and sprawling meadows green

Earth was our sea of beauty  , of love

Of life, that we wasted on our greed.


Alas ! came the time to forget our earth

With gaping black holes ahead

War and  plastic were going to space

Along with mommy Ms.Selfish;

Cows are not needed there nor water

Touch, swipe  want more ? tap screen for anything  …

Good and truthful lost hope

To live among  stars

To  head for another catastrophe

Green is no where ;not in memory  too

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  1. My dear little girl, this is an amazing celestial gift of the Almighty,travel through the tunnel, you will reach pole star.

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