Any chances to live?

Every morning is beautiful,  trees swinging their leaves to welcome the fine day , each  time , sweet dew drops shimmer in the golden rays  of sun rewinding the memories of my education about urban lifestyles. According to experts cities will groan  with diseases caused by ruthless handling of nature by  humans.

Green cover of earth has ripped open in several places. Skyscrapers  rise   challenging both heaven and earth. Fortunate are those who sit beneath the cool shade of trees.

Roar of outside world pierces into every ear ,no  matter whether man or animal. Silence has become something unheard of. More happiness lies in more noise. High volume festivities and busy streets   with traffic expressed in high decibels pierce your ear drums.

Urban life demands the thoughts be on self than on the society.  Reduce own garbage by throwing it into public places. Alas ! where will everyone throw the filth settled down in the heart?

Birth takes    us into this world of threatening suppression of  justice; as race ,gender ,efficiency being  ranked by those who  built binding walls of classification. The cities draw   straight  line between  rich and poor. Money defines you here.

Sometimes only perfect  people seem to be present everywhere; in  news, in live shows ; you find only  winners .where are those who did not make it ? The ones who could not sip from the cup of success. ? It is only the champion who is  fondly crowned.  For the ones who couldn’t become rich or famous   ; pity was bestowed generously ; only to forget their struggle .

Success stories flap their rosy wings glittering with selfies and hollow emojis far and wide across social media. Grief and tragedy seek likes , more   than response from good Samaritans.

Rights   determine few duties also . Ecology is  more important than economy, ponds and lakes give way to airports. Documentaries say heat waves will dry fry earth.

Listed  just a few errors man made while trying to bring control over earth.

Is selfishness finding the way up , soon to be the most desired feature  of humans ?  to become  lords of the universe ,  but sure to  be dethroned in no time.


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