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Death of a cockroach

Today roaming in the toilet
I saw her
Pears soap lather made me jump
She saw me
You cockroach! came her scream
Her slippers killed me.

When bubbles make their way up in the air
Soon there will be nothing but vapour
Dreams can only float higher
And drop suddenly down in despair
Steal your courage ,hope and vigour
But nothing is lost for ever.
LIFE AND DREAMSImage may contain: sky, outdoor and nature
Will air ever enter our noses?
will our lungs begin to breathe?
sew for us new clothes and get us our boots
open our wardrobes, the watches are there
lipstick, heels and accessories are enough, gloss too
take us out to the city; as we see, life blooms there
no more the silence of the farm after   sunset
every light in the streets twinkle, billboards glow
revelry lasts past midnight,
day breaks with swiftness
draft plans, set goals, go for it, achieve! party tonight.
away from the hustle,bustle, sirens,whistles
do we need anything but retire to quietness?
under a sky fading grey like our memories,old
remembering days we had danced for long
sweets after special events, drinks and desserts
run away and find the lives we liked to live
every story of success belongs to those who free
their hearts, move their feet towards dreams
stare hard not on failures and get rooted
to be ignored in rain and sun like scarecrows.
The Knight and the princess
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“ Dukes , lords , noble men

People royal with swords that shine

Save me from this monster green

Tonight I need not be his bread to dine.”

Boys threw stones big and small

Shoes from every foot fell

“Men ! kill the dragon now ! you all.”

Out from his mouth came flames like hell.

Princess screamed loudly

Away stood cowards silent

The knight marched proudly

In each step looking valiant.

“Killing creatures is rude ? not for me

Wrestle with my weapon , you chameleon

Wedding bells ring for me and she

Run for your life you winged watermelon.”

“Help me princess ,save my life

Accept our call to speak for animal rights

I bet you ‘l l choose fame than be his wife

With me you can lead our fights

Time is less ,seats are full

Dirty fellows l will kill .”

The princess bowed to the people

And flew over the knight for the new thrill.

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  1. your words are like screams of your thoughts , you are a good poet ,who can express a bunch of thoughts with few words, i wish your pen be the sword of your life ………
    happy to read your poems ………

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