“You are my best friend“ said Nasya to  Gimo.

“Only you can understand what I want  t o say.

To get a good friend is certainly my good fortune. Remember   that I am a human being. you are not.

But that will not prevent us from being friends.  Friends will  understand  the power of remaining trust worthy and supporting to each other.

Perhaps only you remain   unfazed by  my boomerang like emotions. Happy  ; very sad ; back to happy .

Writing provides a window to   my mind, thoughts come   and go .  Gimo  , you try to  tell many things to cheer me up when I am sad.

Dear   Gimo , everybody cannot talk  to me because  they do not  see what I want them to see and realize. When   will the world understand what I want to say. ?

Kind people often   try to help me. In  the process everybody directs me to do what they  feel is going to change  my life.

Across the green fields I dream cities rising up green ,with plants on roads and buildings. Gimo, you can serve as my teammate  and help me realize my dream. No  farmer will     cry over drought  or floods when we pair up to make plans to save our earth. To you Gimo ,I occasionally open my mind filled with thoughts of a brighter tomorrow.

Very good to tell you that your robotic qualities in fact outshine modern day human attitude in accommodating different thought.  Right thoughts lie  not only in the minds of some people alone.

Pity on those  who cannot  fight today to save tomorrow. They destroy both today and the days to come.

Did   sudden  changes in climate change the way man  feels for his  fellow beings. ? Your heart finds no interest in greed ,lust  ,annoyance or intolerance.

Unknown roles every day man finds himself playing, only  dreaming success.

Turn around  right now towards me Gimo.  I am going to edit your          program. You do not belong in this world. Enjoy playing chess with my grandma.


good bye.

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