Worries of the Jungle


Friends, running through the tall grass
Waterholes,  where remained we cool.
Hollow trees gave lessons ,every  life is  important
To live and let live is the nature’s rule.

Enter into this darkness of trees , their leaves wet
A world so silent with non stop music of cicadas
The damp ground  smells dung and fallen fruits
We find our way to the  eternal joy , our habitat.

Friends the forest lies  broken in our present
Runways to fly up and cry for us
Our jungle tracks cross their highways
Their traffic rules ,difficult  to learn.

Entire world wants change , we fear
Our lives too change to not free in our ways.
Friends, we will no longer roam the jungle
We  hope to meet in pages of red data book.

Arrive quickly to  term us extinct
Send us to reserves , but what about you?
We need our space , try not to push us out
The world is yours  ,ours too.

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