Birds lost to the new weather

Colours washed from their feathers

Climate changed on the blue planet

Birds lost their game, trap for them is set.

Birds saw the horizon blur

A crimson Sun fade ,disappear

With a bird’s eyeview, they saw the land smoulder

No more walls to hit their heads harder

.More ducks made it to the vast sky

Earth and ponds nolonger safe, sang a spy

The ostrich buried his head deep

Loud explosions had deprived him of sleep

Parrots felt very odd, being so green

There were no treetops to be seen

Doves flew away in search of peace

Peacocks danced, tears not to cease

.Birds sensed the hour had come

The earth now a place fearsome

They flew around east and west

In a while flew off, forgetting their nest.

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