Where is the wolf ?

Every  reason to hurt   another  life stems from the human trait of  greed. Eternal   desire to have more ,more than what your fellow being has, causes all  misery on earth. Wanting more  when  you  have so much can give   dreadful results.

Wisdom tries to tell   that every individual needs   mostly the same  things for  living on earth. Then why do some have more while some have too little?

Where is the future taking the world to? do we really feel sorry for the ones who do not  have anything  to expect?

We turn away our eyes from scenes of misery around us .rewind time and believe that you were born  very  unlucky. Ever tried to find help  to escape from the swords that hang over  the head?

With people around engrossed in  educating  their  wards in prestigious schools ,these children  might become   totally unaware of the hardships faced by common man .    they grow up    not sensitive to the everyday struggles of ordinary humans. Another  person’s woes tend not to  shake   their hearts.

A school should produce responsible citizens, just  not students with a certificate .yet value is given to the owner of  grades than the one with true knowledge. Nature  has many secret lessons to teach us in order to ensure the real harmony of living things .

We try to educate young people only by making them read  books in the syllabus. They relax with  this  little    information because they know that this will  find them a qualification. Rows of classrooms are never quite equivalent  to great challenges of the world around.  Time invested in observing  our   world  will   give us   greater rewards than  time spend worrying about  dimensions    of solids.

Remember the little time everyone has got on earth. We rush to reach the top ignoring  the   ones who lie fallen. Tail of the wolf  sticks out behind     each one.  Always trying to hunt the helpless.

Respect for other  people’s feelings   alone rolls  out  tears from the eyes of the compassionate  . Understand  that there are  ups and downs in everyone’s life . Nobody is a winner or loser  for ever.

4 Replies to “Where is the wolf ?”

  1. Hats off, as usual.

    “these children might become totally unaware of the hardships faced by common man . they grow up not sensitive to the everyday struggles of ordinary humans.”

    Danger is that, often these children grow up to occupy important position that shape the world. Their lack of exposure can affect their decisions and judgements.

  2. Admire the thoughts stemming and taking shapes there Sherin …. What’s relevant for life is far far away from what’s being taught at schools …. It all seems rather ‘out of syllabus’!
    As always Sherin loving the powerful words sprouting from your thoughts….”Tail of the wolf sticks out behind each one. Always trying to hunt the helpless”
    “Rows of classrooms are never quite equivalent to great challenges of the world around. Time invested in observing our world will give us greater rewards than time spend worrying about dimensions of solids”…. how true dear!! Hats off and keep writing more!!

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