From the inside of your heart

Round turns the earth every  day.

Right in the middle of   your sickbed water heats up your body. It reminds you that you will live one more day. Inside your heart winds up memories that neither die nor turn  dim.

Sure nothing can erase the images of the slopes and hills that design   your town. War  has left nothing  behind for people to remember  your town.You will only see   ruins ,of your home,your school,the hills and valleys.

The only reason to feel happy  is ,that  there will not be any behaviour therapy sessions in times of bitter war. Right there was you being trained to demonstrate  good behaviour. You knew that really nobody can  turn you into a robot that does those things which your trainer thought  correct.Redefining           your outlook on yourself was worse than exploding bombs. You  were  forced to  fight against  your  true self.

Every unknown     war hero gets reward for   the   hope they give to the ruined      lives of people among  old sick and disabled . Every kind person whose role was to just make you feel good is immortal in your  heart.  Goes the fighter to win the war, not a thought about the helpless crosses his mind or changes his actions.

People usually think of rulers  or political persons when the nation faces turmoil. You,  the youngster  with autism is nowhere in their top ideas for welfare of survivors of strife.

Horrifying cries pierce your ears from the  beds nearby.  You  wonder  why ,  with so many teachers and mothers around there is still war in the    world.  You want to tell them to care for the ordinary children like they  give you love  and direct you to love reach other .

To  understand and empathise with who have so much to worry about in  life is a gift given by god. To feel the   pain of others   in one’s own heart is what the world desperately needs today.

You tried to tell the world  to forget competition    and       perfection ; the truth about life is it deserves to be encouraged and appreciated.




7 Replies to “From the inside of your heart”

    1. Arunmama tyou are amazing. you read good things and teach me to read good books.shreya has taken away animal farm . i wil not writepoetry. i will write prose now. see you soon
      always give me advice to write well

      1. Sure, do read some modern poetry. Like the one I sent. It is very powerful.
        (I am not good at poetry. But I enjoy a few)

  1. Sherin, you brought in smile and so much emotion to my thoughts and I don’t know what to say… …loved and enjoyed your poetic prose – words and the meaning deep within! Beautiful…love and hugs to you dear!

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