Theirs too

Water was surrounded
Women there nonstop chattered
Most have brought many pots
In the sky the Sun was blazing hot.

The thin, smart dog lay under a tall tree
Waiting for amma to get water in pots three
Did he hear a purr?
He turned to find spotted yellow fur.

“My friend, get me some water
My throat is parched; will pay with  a bone later.”
“Come with me I have a plan
Must get there not seen by man.”

“In the house there is a washroom
A bucket full of water and near a mango tree in bloom.”
As the leopard drank hurriedly
The door shut behind them loudly!

“Oh no! I am trapped”
cried the big cat aloud!
Amma must have seen you
Panicked, she might have called others too.

“Today I will be the word for channel discussion
I hope forest lovers will seek my protection”
Hours passed, they talked of violated agreements
Of climate change, dried rivers and disappearing forests.

“Someone was hurrying on the roof
Now is your chance, escape leaving no proof.”
This world is theirs too
Them with tails, horns ,tusks and wings two.

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