Locked Law

Order! Order!

The court hall couldn’t be calmed

The gavel sinks in the clamour; unheard.

Morphed observations chime in

New findings erupt with din.


Themis removes the black ribbon

She detests the sight!

Weighing scales in her hands tilt

She drops it!

Fairness and wealth stay unbalanced.


Her swift sword is rusted

By the unjust practices to it subjected.

She breaks it into two.

Walking out, she pushes aside-

the procurators in black, gives a look snide.


The Lady Justice ascends steep steps

To the tower overlooking the land

She detests the sight!

Pigeons flutter their wings into news

Blinding all sights witnessed.


Every reason is a story

Of cheat, deceit or treason gory.

What is the speed of law? of justice?

Their line remains long, to the jury

No privilege, no power, to fend their fury.


Waiting in pain for needful gain

Time crawls for those with no penny

Lady Justice watches in agony.

She detests the sight!

Law builds justice, and proves worthy.


Now she rises, it is The Judgement Day.

The verdict so ruthless she will say.

Rest not; in worn books as acts and sections

Dusty files bury not; the truth for odd reasons

Hear the cry of the common man.


As they writhe under heavy feet

Laws guard man in a world off beat.

Manoeuvre the mud like a tough machine

Bring the sunken people to pure sunshine.

Cleanse and breathe new life into them.


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