The incomplete cat


By midnight the roads will be empty
All the people will be asleep, nearly
The dimly lit streets soon become lively
Comes out the cats rats and dogs that bark
I climbed atop the fence, in the moonlight
I wish no one finds me, an incomplete cat
When she saw some thing new, about me
the artist forgot
I was given no colours but left as an
incomplete cat.

Drawing by Shreya Susan Zacharia

Nobody sees me, nobody knows me
Who can hear me purr?
I will not be cuddled by anyone
No one will throw for me a ball, far.

What inside my heart will be known
Roads I cross will remember me their own
Meows me gently, heads turn to find me gone
There can be no incomplete cat ever born.

I am complete, my heart, my identity strong
I will write my life’s story, don’t get   me wrong
I am a golden cat with boots white
I know it and the colours of my mind are bright




Lockdown has changed
the way we look
the way we live
the way we eat
and of course find a seat
Saturday evenings were fun
a drive with all from home
music in the car
night throwing colours on the streets
Lovely attires we would wear
Me and my sister.
The gourmet smells Chinese sometimes Arabic
Aroma of crispy dosa, North Indian rotis and kebabs
I miss the Falooda, Subway’s
salads and dips

The masks make us look strange but safe.

How long will it be before the waiter smiles polite
and places a menu on the table?
Can I sit on the chair facing the sea, soon?
Will I hear the sizzle of roasted chicken again?
How do I know the chef is ready with the barbeque?

I miss the good times of the week.
I wish all of you health and safety.

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