The Eternal Mahatma

The Eternal Mahatma (Gandhian Philosophy)

Sherin Mary Zacharia

published in Setu bilingual magazine in november 2023

The world seeks a fine thread

to string together, the diverse beads.

A unique story is there to lead

for his nation’s freedom it did plead.

Keeping his strategies to become a model

unprecedented, unheard of, a bloodless battle.

Qualities to lead- honesty, willpower and punctuality;

amidst them stood tall ‘AHIMSA’ against all brutality.

When the pain of the common man is alleviated,

and his young child’s hunger banished,

Gandhi’s vision for his motherland is realised,

that for ordinary men and women; fulfilled.

A life by itself a message for all times

across the globe and across all climes.

His voice is for the oppressed,

he stood for the deprived and the discriminated.

He liberated the people from an empire; with no weapons

The Mahatma’s life amazes, around the world, millions

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