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Mind may not heed

Wants no advice

On what it should think.

Some stupid thoughts

Some serious ones

That can make the usual life

Flow off course

Trying to meet the unusual.

Among leaves it searches for

Hidden mangoes ripe

Moonstones it tries to find

Amidst ordinary pebbles.


Mind makes a great discovery

And gets itself a prize- satisfaction.


Want not the green calf length pants

I had seen online at Libas

Nor do I want the ethnic print top

Among the displays in Fabindia shop.

My Christmas shopping list is short

Simple things but not the easily available sort

I seek some Christmas decoration

To hang on my tree before vacation

No twinkling stars and lights

No glittering streamers or bells

Only smilies round and thin

That will remind me to smile and grin!


Climate change will nearly kill us

But not before we humans kill each other

We cut down trees big and small

Mercilessly wiped off many species

Some bird songs will never again be heard

Colours of some pretty flowers GenZ will never see

Water becomes too costly a drink

Lucky ones get tokens at the oxygen kiosk

Man looks helpless at nature’s fury

No answers ; yet plans to save the last bee

But he has scores to settle and wars to wage

Bombs to shower, blood to spill for strange reasons

Like religion , ideologies and nonsense customs.

Burning a city is not great when the whole earth smoulders.


Memories cut deep wounds

In a heart longing to belong

Several years seeking emancipation

From the next second of uncertainty

Poetry waiting at the tip of my pen

To be with me, to give me gentle stroking

On my forehead, until I pour out my thoughts

With all my happiness and gloom sometimes.

Glittering bright, yet they are! straight from my heart!

Most of them spill on hard rocks

Instantly shattering into fine golden dust

I collect it in the cup of my palms

To store them safe in my dreams

And share with the world someday.

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