The Charka

My soul tells me to sink, to give up
But my wheel continues to spin, frail fingers slump.
I am made from some odd piece of wood
But I spin the yarn to make a nation free and good.
Making the country stand on its feet
To give the poorest an honourable seat.
The half clad saint made me his tool
A weapon that shed no blood, a leader cool.
The formidable empire utterly shuddered
The most diverse people now stand united.
Rallying under the tricolor flag
With one aim, Indian for Indians, to tag.
A simple machine, my cloth is rough
The women struggle, their determination tough.
My movement repeats, nothing new
But to make history, done only by few.

2 Replies to “The Charka”

  1. Great Sherin
    Timely theme on our father of the nation. A role model for many of us and an answer in many confusing situation….to think about the poor man in the street to whom our actions are going to help.
    I have a file for Gandhiji . I will add this to that collection.
    I bought a Charka from the Gandhi museum from Delhi years back and still it works.
    We used to use charka in ‘ Pakalveedu’ day care center attached to Mental Health center as part of vocational training.
    congrats one again

    1. thank you uncle. I had read about charka. Tagore did not like it.repetitive action imagination

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