Merge, Emerge

Different Truths publishes the poem MergeEmerge in the KavyaKumbh anthology


Turn twist and tumble I did, long have I travelled

Memories get in the way, yet my golden drape shimmers

My eyes tired, blazing sunlight vaporised my soul

Past, that is me in an endless journey to meet present.


Alone I flow, forward I go, call me not from behind

Face the reality that is today whatever I have got

So fast I rush to catchup with ever elusive tomorrow

Unhampered by load of plans, future escapes from my sight.


Me the now, with view blurred, unable to forget the bygone

I want to fling myself into the arms unknown unseen.

Give me the fruits of yesterday only to remember

They were sour then, now ripe sweet tender and juicy.


The seed dreams tomorrow to burst into a new cycle

When time flows in all directions, life completes itself.

With the same waters a river never flows, it changes

It evolves, dries, swells, awesomely splits, confluences.


Rivers tie themselves together yet keeps self intact

Time runs, time stops but never waits, it flows wearily

When life pulls along, reflections merge and tug

Fog alights, voices unclear, move but with the waves.

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