Silent Woes and other poems



Published in

The Art of Autism’s 4th Annual International Poems & Art for Peace Project (2019)

Severe pain wriggles out from my heart,

from my soul ;the light shines far away

Right within my throat the words  hurry

to   breach the fortress ,annoying my  lips

Roses bloom in sunlight ,my eyes pleased by

nothing  bright  ,turns  to lonely shadows

Some way  which  will take me higher and high

above   my  limits;   every   day  i try   to  find

Utter envy fills my  days as i struggle   to  set  afloat

written thoughts ,while others  shout  their hearts aloud

Trust not any stories cool, or pictures perfect;

every day  is  a challenge but worth taking a chance.

Poems published in the desktop calender for the year 2019 by Autism Club Ernakulam



Rivers flow in , to me, yet I seek more
The sun sinks in me ,red
My winds cool you at the day’s end.
I am the ocean, I am mighty
I rise with tides, dance with waves
I hold the world as lives drift
I am endless , my depth you
Fail to fathom, I am love.


Way to the top

Muddy roads wind along
Slopes to the summit.
Paths slippery,scary to fall
Wind howls cold, blurring sight
Moist leaves shivering off dew
I will take this way but, to the top.


Stray Dogs

Man’s best friend, his guide                                                                                                     Chewy bones and cosy mats
For his guard ,his companion                                                                                                  For his child , a buddy close

No kennel no master on the street                                                                                   Garbage piles are party for us.                                                                                                 Why throw stones at us ,stray                                                                                         Born under the bridge, to moan


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