Road To Sun

10,9,8… the  drop in count resonated within the walls

In  my  tiny room i lay listening with a hasty heart

Tip of my tail twitched ,will my pal be back  one day?

To the sun she goes, a  long trip through the clouds.

Under the Russian  flag   your journey starts soon

Rare chance to fly amidst the stars and the moon.

Dare  not to snap at a   comet  by its tail  as  you sail.

Are the unicorn and great  bear   still up in the sky?

Red  sun renews his  face every morning  behind  the hillock

Then  you can hear  me  bark with Alby to chase away the cock

Return night ! you breathe cruel  bad thoughts into my  mind

Under a  mat i would hide when sky boat  spews fire flying.


Earth   will be far  when you watch from  the cosmic glow

Away  i sure will see  your name shine in  the milky  flow

The world will remember you  my  brave friend  who  went

Above  mans head, give him a lesson of being true to all.


We were an  ill fed team of mongrels,  but enjoying bones

Once we were set the cosmic canines  to fly across universe.

Away you  vanish in golden pages of history  and   science

Laika , you  will   always   be my  buddy  .  love  Mushka.



photographs  by my grandma when  she visited space museum  Moscow





















































































































































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